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Discover the power of compact lifting with our mini cranes, boasting up to 6 tonnes of lifting capacity in the tightest spaces. Perfect for urban construction or confined areas, they offer the reach and power of larger machines without the bulk.

Our smallest machines, SPX328 and SPX532, can fit through a single doorway. Access the size of a double doorway is all that’s needed for a SPX650 or SPX1280. And where space is still an issue, but greater lifting capacity is needed, JF Range is the answer.

Working inside?  alongside the usual petrol or diesel engines, some mini cranes can also be powered using electric or LPG sources, perfect for working inside. Diesel models are fitted with catalytic converters and particulate filters to remove dangerous fumes and particles from exhaust emissions.

Self operate:  our one-day driver familiarization will ensure operators are fully conversant with procedures for safe operation.

Operator hire: if you prefer, we can provide an experienced operator to assist you on site.

Accessories:  pads, chains, slings, spreader beams and glass lifters are all available to hire.

Coverage:  although specialising in the East of England, our location near the A1, M11 and A14 means we can supply the length and breadth of England and Wales.

Support:  technical support is available by phone, or through a site visit. Whether you have a technical question, or need help to assess a lifting task, we provide independent, objective advice to help find the best solution.

Economy and ecology:  all modes incorporate intelligent throttle activation to ensure optimum fuel consumption and minimise the impact on the environment.

Did you know?

  • Mini cranes can set up on steps, as the outriggers are designed to stabilise the crane even when working on uneven surfaces.
  • They can be partially dismantled to allow lifting to roof height. Some models can even help to reassemble themselves using their own lifting capacity!
  • All our machines are  designed with safety in mind. Should you set up incorrectly or try to lift more than its capacity, you will get an audible warning before the machine automatically shuts down.
  • A mini crane’s low ground pressure whilst tracking ensures a minimum of ground impact when travelling across the site.

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