Mini Cranes FAQs

Where can I hire a mini crane?

From JT Mini Crane Hire – see our hire page, or contact us for more information

Do you need a CPCS card or special training to operate a JT mini crane?

Currently, there is no requirement for mini crane operators to hold a specific training qualification. Driver familiarisation is carried out at our premises in Bedfordshire prior to hire commencement.

Can JT mini cranes be driven while carrying a load?

No, JT mini cranes are designed to lift loads only with outriggers deployed. They do not have ‘pick and carry’ duties.

Are JT mini cranes suitable for working inside? What about ventilation?

JT mini cranes are available with an electric or LPG option, so can be safely operated inside without the problem of toxic exhaust fumes. Diesel models now have catalytic converters and particulate filters to greatly reduce harmful emissions.

Where can I find information on ground pressures?

Point loading tables for each model are available upon request, please contact our office.

Can JT mini cranes be driven through a doorway?

Yes the URW094, URW095 and URW295 are narrow enough to be driven through a standard single doorway.

The URW376, URW506 and URW706 are designed to fit through a standard double doorway.

Do outriggers have to be extended manually?

Each crane’s outriggers need only to be unlocked from their travelling position manually. They can then be extended automatically from the operator’s control panel.

Which mini crane is the most popular with clients?

URW295 and URW506 are constantly competing for this honour.

What are the main features to look out for in a mini crane?

Mini cranes are designed for two specific applications: restricted access and confined working. Size, weight, capacity and reach are therefore all paramount.

Our cranes are designed to be as compact as possible – for access – and to lift as much load as possible – for working. All our cranes are class leading in both these respects.

Reliability, ease of operation and safety are the other features customers look for. Precision Japanese manufacturing and testing ensure the reliability of our machines.

In terms of safety, our cranes lead the way technically with an array of features including: unique computer-controlled intelligent voice warning system programmed in seven languages, unique automatic hook stow system, unique hexagonal boom to reduce sway, over-lowering prevention device, working area limitation, anti-two block system, auto-stop and continuous alarm.

More than anything, our commitment to technical research, customer research and product development keeps us ahead of the competition.

What is the most common cause of breakdown?

UNIC and Jekko mini cranes have a reputation for reliability. Neglect or operator abuses are the most common causes of breakdown.

How long does it take to set a JT mini crane up?

An experienced operator can take a crane from its travelling position, with outriggers stowed, to fully extend, with boom raised and ready to lift in about 3 minutes.

Is technical support available?

Yes. We offer support by phone or email.

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