Tracked Carrier

The CC20Li is an innovative tracked platform intended to reduce the need for manual handling by fitting in areas where forklifts and other machinery cannot get. We believe the CC20Li to be a real innovation within the industry working towards minimising risky manual handling operations.

The new design of the CC20Li gives it a greater capacity over the smaller CC12. The low centre of gravity it can be travelled up and down slopes. The CC20Li can be operated one handed via the palm held remote control system giving precise manoeuvrability, from a safe operating position, which complements our range of mini cranes enabling materials to be easily and safely transported to the lifting area. The tracked design reduces ground pressure and enables rough site conditions to be traversed.

Technical specifications

Capacity – 2000kg (incl. machine weight)

Weight – 500 kg

Dimensions (LxWxH) – 1.400x780x420mm

Tracks – 190mm VemaTrack (black)

Platform type – Fixed

Drive – Electric

Power supply – 2.5KW L-ion Battery pack

Charger – Standalone 230V

Charging time – 90% within 3 hours

Controls – Wireless with 3 paddles (track left) (both tracks) (track right)

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