JT Cranes just got greener

Julie Marshall / 1st June 2016 / All, Articles

With environmental issues always in the news, many companies are making it a priority to be greener.

JT Mini Cranes are no exception, constantly striving to reduce the impact our business has on the world around us.

The LPG and electric options on the machines in our fleet, coupled with the intelligent throttle system (optimising fuel consumption) mean that we are already taking steps to reduce emissions. However, we have recently introduced new measures to reduce emissions further, even from our diesel models; going that one step further in the quest to be green.

Catalytic converters are being fitted, these will reduce the amount of harmful gasses released into our atmosphere whilst also reducing the unpleasant diesel engine smell.

And, to make working in confined spaces safer for the workforce, particulate filters are also available. These filters greatly reduce the amount of particulates / soot in the exhaust, protecting the workers from the inhalation of potentially dangerous particles – not visible to the naked eye.

The introduction of these new measures makes the mini crane even more attractive an option when considering working inside, powered by LPG, electricity or even diesel, their potential to adapt to every working situation is second to none.

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