The three best cranes for the mining industry

Emma / 16th July 2021 / Articles

The mining industry is one of many sectors that require highly specialised cranes. With this sector, the cranes utilised need to be able to work effectively in small spaces, cope with heavy-duty and difficult loads, and minimise the emissions created in what are often confined working areas.

The particular nature of the mining sector means that the cranes need to combine complete stability with a small footprint. They need to be able to cope with the highly corrosive nature of the environment in which they are working – this includes being able to cope with heat, dust, moisture and an extremely heavy workload.

These challenges call for a particular blend of design ingenuity, engineering excellence, and the use of the very best materials. The three cranes detailed below tick all of those boxes, and each comes with its own individual selling points:


The SPX1280 

The SPX1280 is a crawler crane with a capacity of 8 tonnes and a maximum working height of 26.6 metres. In addition to the overall maximum load it can carry, the SPX1280 has a pick and carry capacity of 2 tonnes.

The stabilisation system for the crane means that it works safely in a wide range of conditions despite a footprint of just 4600 x 4600 mm. Outriggers can be opened between 0° and 45°, creating an infinite number of combinations to cope with the kind of unpredictable terrain present within the mining industry.

The remote control system for the SPX1280 utilises bespoke Jekko software designed to make control of the crane as intuitive as possible, enabling efficient operation from a safe distance. The hydraulic system on the crane has been improved from earlier models and allows the configuration to be adjusted while a particular job is being undertaken.

When this adaptability is combined with a smaller engine size, it provides increased efficiency and better performance with lower maintenance costs.


The SPX532 

The SPX532 is a mini-crane with a reduced weight of 2.8 tonnes but a maximum lifting capacity of 3.2 tonnes and a maximum working height of 17.2 metres with a jib in place.

The emphasis is on stability and versatility with the SPX532. It can operate with either hook or winch, and in both cases, with the main boom and the jib. The option of utilising the hook or winch with the main boom is an innovation that hugely increases the versatility of this crane.

The stabilisation system features automatic levelling that levels the crane when dealing with uneven terrain, without each outrigger needing to be manually regulated. The stabilisation is one of the aspects of the SPX532 that enables a pick and carry capacity of 400kg.

The regulation of oil pressure and flow rate within the hydraulic system while the crane is being operated is digitally automated to match the movement and speed of the unit. This means that the crane can perform three separate movements simultaneously without a drop in performance, and with all functions being extremely smooth and precise.

The radio remote control system has an LCD display, enabling direct and intuitive control of all the crane’s functions. The operative can select the configuration of the crane, choosing between standard crane operation and pick and carry mode. The operator can also select whether the outrigger is up or down.

The full data set displayed by the remote control unit means that the operator is always in complete control of any job and can even run simulations before operation to establish safe and effective parameters.

Accessories available for the SPX532 include:


The SPX650 

The key selling point of the SPX650 is its versatility. While it has an LS hydraulic system and the same Danfoss hydraulic bank valves as the SPX532, it essentially occupies the middle ground between the option of the SPX532 and the SPX1280.

The crane offers a maximum reachable height of 23.5 metres and a maximum lifting capacity of 5 tonnes. The X-pattern outriggers of the crane offer multiple stabilisation options, despite the fact that the actual maximum footprint of the SPX650 is only 4500 x 4500 mm (with a minimum option of 2900 x 2900 mm).

In simple terms, the SPX650 combines the main boom and jib arrangement of the SPX532, and the option of working equally well with either the hook or winch, with the superior stabilisation and hydraulics of the SPX1280. It also features extendable tracks which can be operated via the remote control. These enable the pick and carry mode as well as enhancing stability during transit and steering operations.

It features the same intuitive and comprehensive radio remote control operation as the other SPX models, making it safe to operate even in very confined spaces.

The plug and play accessories available for the SPX650 include:


Lithium Batteries

One thing that all three of the cranes have in common is the use of Lithium batteries as a power source. The advantages of lithium batteries include the fact that they work silently and without producing harmful emissions. This is vital for the eco-friendly completion of projects at any time but is particularly important when the crane in question is operating in the enclosed environment of a mine.

The batteries also offer a longer working life and consistent operation, with the level of performance remaining unchanged even with intense usage and heavy loads.


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