Portacover Case Study: The JF545 has been pulling out all the stops

Emma / 8th November 2021 / Case Studies


Portacover Ltd is a UK-based company that specialises in machinery installations, machinery relocations, factory moves, low loader hire, spider crane hire and other engineering services.

This year, Portacover purchased two Jekko mini cranes from John Taylor Cranes, and we wanted to hear what they had been up to with them. So, at the Vertikal Days exhibition back in September, we stopped for a quick catch up to see what they thought of the mini cranes they’d purchased, what jobs they had used them for and how they found working with us at JT Cranes.


The Specification

When Portacover started looking into mini cranes, they needed a machine that had a configurable outrigger so they would be able to use one crane on multiple different projects. They also wanted a crane that was full of power but required only a small footprint and was easy and safe to handle.

During their search, they reached out to JT Cranes for some more information on the JF545 – an articulated truck-loader crane on a self-propelled tracked vehicle. The JF545 has a small stabilisation area of just 6700 x 6700 mm, as well as all the standard Jekko features. These features include an electric engine, radio control display, steel tracks, stability control indicator, and much more.

It soon became clear that the JF545 ticked all of Portacover’s boxes. Stuart Watson, the owner of Portacover Ltd, said “it was an easy choice for us”. He described how the key feature for his company was the ultimate configurable outrigger position: “we decided on the Jekko because of the versatility and the flexibility of the outrigger position, and the pound for pound power a Jekko crane can offer”.


The Jobs

Portacover regularly posts photos and stories of their Jekko cranes in action on social media, so we have been able to follow along on their adventures as well.

“It’s been a pleasure over the past few months to see what [our Jekko cranes] can do and for our customers to see what they can do. Not only that, but our customers keep coming back to us time and time again – it has been fantastic,” said Stuart.

In just the last month, Portacover used the Jekko JF545 to install transformers and remove a redundant press from one of their clients’ premises.


How Our Cranes Exceeded Expectation

When we asked Stuart how the cranes were performing, he said “they’re doing everything we hoped and wished for – and more!”

“With some of the jobs we’ve done with the JF545, we managed to pull things out of the box we never thought were possible with any other spider crane.” he continued. And when he was asked if he would recommend Jekko mini cranes, he said “yes, and no doubt at all we’ll be back for more.”

Well, we’re looking forward to doing business with you again Stuart!


Get in touch today

Jekko mini cranes are perfect for specialised industries such as mining, nuclear, and drilling or other sectors where precision, close control, and stability is needed. We’ve also seen our mini cranes utilised to deliver tasks such as supporting equipment during the filming of Spiderman 2 in New York,  suspending a pianist and grand piano four metres above the floor of a shopping centre in Italy, and performing maintenance work at the otherwise unreachable mountain top position of a ski-lift. We’re very excited to see what our cranes will get up to in the future with Portacover too!


No matter your situation or sector, a mini crane is always worth considering. So, if you’re looking to renovate a building, build a shopping centre, or even film an upcoming movie – we’d love to hear from you.