Case Study: Jekko SPX424 for Sky Bespoke Glass

Tina Jones / 5th March 2021 / Case Studies

Name of clientJekko SPX424

Sky Bespoke Glass

Location of site

A commercial property located at Upper Street, The Angel, London, N1.

The Challenge

The project involved the installation of oversized double glazed units in a commercial property located on a busy A road (The A1) running through the heart of London. Upper Street is packed on all sides with shops, restaurants, bars and cafes and is therefore an extremely busy route for both commuters and pedestrians.

In addition to this, the road is a dedicated Red Route which means that stopping to park, load/unload or to board and alight from a vehicle is prohibited, with the exception of designated red route box bays.

As well as offering limited accessibility, the commercial premises had residential properties located above them, which meant that the work had to be carried out with minimal noise disruption and a consideration to pollution impacts.

With all this in mind, Sky Bespoke Glass turned to us at JT Cranes, to provide specialist project delivery, including a combination of expertise, experience and access to bespoke specialist equipment.

A summary of the main issues impacting the project:

How JTC approached the problem

We approached the problem using our extensive working knowledge of compact mini cranes, capable of working in time and space limited scenarios. We knew we had to use the right crane to combine power needed, to safely lift and position the oversized double glazing units, whilst working within a small footprint, to allow pedestrians to continue moving along the pavement. It was clear that a standard unit of heavy plant machinery would not be suited to the project.

JTC’s Solution: the Jekko SPX424

Our solution to the job in hand, was the Jekko SPX424 – a mini crane boasting a range of features that made it the ideal crane for this particularly challenging project.

And, being powered by a lithium battery, the Jekko SPX424 operates in almost complete silence and produces zero emissions, keeping the environmental impact of the work as low as feasibly possible.

In addition to this, it has the lifting power required to safely raise the double glazed units into position using a Jekko GVI 4+2 vacuum lifter, while being compact enough to be towed to a parking bay around the corner from the site of the project, by our pickup truck, unloaded and tracked 50 metres to the lifting area. This avoided the need to use an HGV delivery vehicle which would have caused high levels of disruption before and after the work was carried out.

Once positioned to lift the glazing, the Jekko SPX424 operated with a small outrigger footprint, which meant that it required an extremely small set-up space and took up only a minimal area of the pavement. The footpath, therefore, remained clear enough for pedestrians to pass in both directions, removing the need for the pavement to be closed, which would have required pedestrians to cross a busy main road.

It is because of our experience, expertise and the Jekko SPX424, that we successfully completed the work in less than 3 hours and the disruption for local businesses and residents kept to an absolute minimum.


“We have worked with JT Cranes Contract Lifting division on numerous projects, installing oversized double-glazed units to shopfronts, especially in inner city locations. Their Jekko SPX424 lithium powered spider crane is ideal due to the versatility of its variable outrigger base, which makes it easy to set up in pedestrian areas with minimum space. Secondly, being lithium battery powered with zero emissions or noise pollution, when necessary, we can operate it inside shops and in residential areas.” Nicky Allen of Sky Bespoke Glass

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