5 Reasons why you need the Jekko MPK50 for your Industrial Maintenance business

Emma / 16th June 2021 / Articles

If you work in industrial maintenance then you’ll know that sourcing the best equipment is just as important as employing the best operators when it comes to working safely and successfully. The Jekko MPK50 is the ideal choice for any industrial maintenance business looking to stay ahead of the competition and deliver first-class work, no matter what the circumstances are. These are just five of the reasons why:

1. Strength

The Jekko MPK50 has a full capacity of 5 tons and a boom length of between 2.8 and 6.9m. It can raise loads to a height of 9.5m and the patented boom rotation feature means that the boom can shift between +5 and -5 degrees. What all of this adds up to is the strength, stability and lifting power of a full-sized crane packed into a smaller frame, offering full accessibility without sacrificing anything in terms of strength.

2. Stability

The small footprint of the Jekko MPK50, seated on three wheels – two smaller at the front and one larger at the rear – combines with a low centre of gravity to keep the crane anchored to the ground when lifting up to 5 tons and working in difficult and confined locations. In order to enhance the safety of operation, increase the maximum load that can be lifted, and maximise stability, the minipicker is also equipped with a stabiliser bar that extends from the front of the main unit and is the same width as the unit itself.

3. Versatility

The aspect of the Jekko MPK50 which underlines the versatility on offer is the size of the unit itself. With dimensions of just 3050x1200x1750 mm, the MPK50 is compact enough to work in small interior spaces or difficult to access exterior areas, fitting through small doorways and along narrow corridors. It can also climb a 20% incline without any impact on stability.

The fact that it is powered by batteries and an electric motor means that there are no emissions to deal with, making it ideal for use indoors or in a populated outdoor space.

When in place, the MPK50 can operate with a two-section modular jib and a tilting head or a glass manipulator. All of which, combined with a pick and carry function, makes it the perfect choice for a range of settings including shopping centres, factory floors, roofs, terraces and confined basements. The jib can be set up with a short or long configuration depending upon the space in which the MPK50 has to work in and the degree of lifting and movement required.

4. Control

The Jekko MPK50 is operated via a professional radio remote control unit. This enables the operator to work in safety, away from the area of operations, while still maintaining complete control.

The remote control unit is proportional, meaning that the force, pressure and degree of movement applied to the controls is reflected exactly in the movement of the MPK50 itself. It features 3 separate controls which work in a multifunctional manner.

The crane and the wheel itself can be moved simultaneously, and an LCD display enables the operator to monitor and adjust the position of the main unit, the boom and the jib.


5. Eco Friendly

The 48V batteries that power the Jekko MPK50 offer 16.1 Hp and enable the minipicker to travel at a speed of 4 kilometres per hour. More importantly, the motors that power the crane can lift up to 5 tons and extend the boom up to 6.9m.

In addition to all of this, the battery-powered nature of the MPK50 means that it runs in an eco-friendly manner. There are zero emissions when the unit is being operated and the sound pollution is kept to an absolute minimum.

As well as making the MPK50 the ideal choice for use in confined spaces or those which need to be used by employees or members of the public while a project is being delivered, the batteries provide a completely green solution.

Utilising the MPK50 for any project will enable your company to boost its green credentials and improve your corporate branding through a reduction of your carbon footprint.


Overall, the MPK50 is the ideal match for any teams working in industrial maintenance. With its dependable stability, unique versatility, radio remote control and eco-friendly battery, it ticks all the boxes for companies looking to work indoors or in populated spaces.

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