5 Reasons why you need the bestselling JF545 V-MAX to lift, reach and grapple

Tina Jones / 14th January 2021 / Articles

Grappling with a tricky tree problem? We explain why you should let the JF545 V-MAX take the strain.

First things first – what is the JF545 V-MAX? The JF545 has long been the flagship Jekko product, offering a self-propelled tracked crane capable of delivering results in a wide range of environments which, in the past, would have been inaccessible. Instead of looking at it and congratulating themselves, however, the company decided to take things several stages further. The result is the JF545 V-MAX, the machine that represents the future of the tracked crane and provides a one-stop, multi-faceted solution to the kind of problems which tree surgeons have to deal with each and every working day.

The V-MAX takes the features which already made the JF545 an industry leading solution and adds innovations centred on expanding the number of tools available to any operative. It includes tools which were available for the JF545, such as the work platform, man basket, vacuum manipulator for glazed panels and a winch, and adds extra options including an auger, a clamshell bucket and a grapple saw. The last of these, the grapple saw, is particularly useful for any tree surgeon having difficulty accessing trees and branches and wanting to do so as safely and efficiently as possible.

What follows are just a few of the reasons why tree surgeons should take advantage of the JF545 V-MAX and its ability to completely transform their working life:

1. Safety to the MAX

There’s no getting away from the fact that tree surgery can be a dangerous job. If you’ve ever done the job, or even watched a tree surgeon at work, it’s obvious how risky working at height with dangerous tools – and often with restricted access – is always going to be. The statistics back up this impression. According to the Health and Safety Executive,  the last decade has seen arboriculture claim the lives of 24 tree surgeons in the UK and injuring a massive 1,400. Figures gathered by employment website, Simply Business, placed tree felling/surgery as the most dangerous occupation in the UK while, in the US, it is rated the 10th deadliest occupation.


The safety features of the JF545 V-MAX include a grapple saw, which transforms the manner in which tree surgeons carry out tasks such as pruning. The standard approach to a task of this kind would see a self-levelling platform or crane with basket, used to lift the operative to the required height, so that the operative could then use a chainsaw to deal with the branches in question. The alternative would be the even more risky option of the operative climbing the tree with a chainsaw using a harness, although the off-cuts would still have to be lifted down by a crane.

With the JF545 V-MAX, however, the grapple saw can be extended to a maximum height of 30m and operated from a distance via full remote control. The ability to perform the work from a distance enables the operative to take a full overview of the progress of the job and avoids the risk of falling branches – although the grapple saw does lift all branches removed safely to the ground. At all times direct contact between the operative, the tools and the tree itself is kept to an absolute minimum.

2. V stands for Versatility

The JF545 V-MAX offers a truly comprehensive solution for tree surgeons. The tracks make it easy for the unit to cross difficult terrain, and a base unit of only 1.84m wide means that the JF545 V-MAX can pass through narrow gaps and reach spots inaccessible to previous generations of tracked cranes. The load distribution of the base minimises the impact on any sensitive environments, while four outriggers can be positioned utilising an advanced Stability Control Indicator (SCI) to ensure full balance and completely stable operation on all kinds of difficult terrain.

As well as the grapple saw for pruning and trimming, the JF545 V-MAX can be equipped with a hook, log grab, winch and pulley. Combined with the ability to lift An awesome maximum load of 15500 kg, the range of tools means that the V-MAX is up to the task of dealing with any situation a tree surgeon might face – from shifting heavy fallen logs, to performing in smaller domestic settings.

3. New, high levels of Reliabilitydefault

For any tree surgeon, time is money and once they’ve started a particular job they need to be able to trust the tools they rely on to see the task through. The good news is that the JF545 V-MAX has been designed and constructed to make sure that the tools at your disposal operate at maximum efficiency at all times.

Tools such as the grapple saw need a steady supply of oil at the right pressure no matter the height being worked at, and the V-MAX provides that supply. What makes this crane ultra-reliable, however, is the fact that an independent circuit with a cooling radiator makes sure that the oil doesn’t overheat during operation and keeps the temperature constant, even during intensive and lengthy hydraulic use.

4. Leading Innovation

Self-propelled track cranes are not new and neither are hydraulic operations, but the innovation of the JF545 V-Max lies in combining all of the technology currently available into one efficient, high performance unit. It’s now possible, for example, for a single unit to enable a tree surgeon to work with tools which include a grapple saw, polyp grab, glass manipulator, man basket, hook, log grab and winch and pulley.

Once the V-MAX has been set in position it will be able to cope with multi-faceted challenges standing between the tree surgeon and successful completion of a job, and can easily be shifted to a new position if circumstances demand.

5. Added Value is a given

Any piece of equipment which makes life easier for a tree surgeon is going to maximise the amount of money they can make, but the JF545 V-MAX is so advanced that it’s capable of paying for itself many times over. It makes larger jobs easier to tackle and finish quickly, even in locations which would previously have proved difficult or even impossible to access.

Perhaps even more of a driver of value, however, is the fact that the entire V-MAX unit can be remotely controlled from a distance by a single operative. This means that jobs which would previously have involved two or even more operatives working together can now be completed by a single operative working from a safe distance.

A tool like the grapple saw, which cuts and lifts down branches in one smooth movement, allows a single tree surgeon to deal with the largest jobs in an efficient and successful manner, and the JF545 V-MAX, as a whole, will help to drive income and turnover to the next level.

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